Staff Information

This is our wonderful Staff at PETES! All of their names and email addresses are available below.

Serge Edouard Jeanniton, Principal Email

Chantal Roberge, Vice Principal Email

Claudia Golla, Secretary  Email

TBD, Secretary  Email

Ashley Stone, Special Ed Technician Email

Rebecca Rosler, Special Ed Technician Email

Tanya Iannotti, Resource Email

Sandra Colletti, Resource Email


Amanda Freitas Pereira, Teacher Email

Jason Fiumidinisi, Teacher Email

Cindy Ventura Ribeiro, Teacher Email

Genevieve Perreault, Teacher Email

Sabrina Daniels, Teacher Email

Alexia Iacobacci Teacher Email


Amy Beauchamp, Teacher  Email

Nadia Charest, Teacher Email

Christine Borisov, Teacher Email

Sandra Welburn, Teacher Email

Leanne Shears, Teacher Email

Stephanie Parrino, Teacher Email

Maxime Hamelin, Teacher Email

Melissa Sauvageau, Teacher Email

Christina Ayers, Teacher Email


Jenny Anissimoff, Teacher Email

Tina Dardarian, Teacher Email

Andrea Scouten, Teacher Email

Amanda Ellinor, Teacher Email

Melissa Zaraa, Teacher Email

Allison Whicher, Teacher Email

Melanie Mongeau, Teacher Email

Jean-Francois Beauregard, Teacher  Email


Katherine Jones, Teacher Email

Deborah Moram, Teacher Email

Caroline Martel, Teacher Email

Barbara Welburn, Teacher Email

Annie Audet, Teacher Email

Jenna Sioui, Teacher Email

Chris Tzavellas, Teacher Email

Chrysoula Koutsouris, Teacher Email


Jason Lyons, Phys Ed Teacher Email

Sebastien Giguere, Phys Ed Teacher Email


Shannon Lemm, Attendant Email

Cathy Terrasi, Attendant Email

Angie Burgess, Attendant Email

Melanie Groulx, Attendant Email

Julie Grossi, Attendant Email

Claudia Di Paola, Attendant Email

Sue Brown, Attendant Email

Marlene Lalumière, Attendant Email

Cynthia Richelme, Attendant Email

Erin Scholes, Attendant 


Jennifer DiLena, Librarian Email

Melissa Raglione, Assistant Librarian Email


Anita Burri, Daycare Technician Email

Silvia Ibarz, Daycare Email

Antoinette Barbiero, Daycare Email

Jennifer Vaillancourt, Daycare Email

Sonia Carreiro, Daycare Email